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Welcome to our agency! Insight Counseling, based in Orange County, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving the counseling needs of our community. We are thrilled to introduce our services and therapists to you!

Counseling has become an important and somewhat mainstream aspect of comprehensive healthcare. Mental health services and treatment have come a long way from the traditional analysis model and the stigma of “head shrinks.” Mental health consumers today are more informed about finding a therapist, and more involved in their treatment. We believe providing information about ourselves and our services is essential to helping our clients make informed choices about their care.

The information throughout this web site is provided to introduce our agency, and answer basic questions about what you, as the consumer, can expect from working with us. Our aim is to provide a comfortable, secure, and confidential environment for everyone who walks through our doors. We encourage you to contact our therapists for more information.

Insight Counseling is a subsidiary of the Eating Disorders Foundation of Orange County (EDFOC), an organization dedicated to the prevention and education of eating disorders. Insight Counseling is community-based, and dedicated to offering affordable services to Orange County, including individual, family, and couples counseling, and educational classes in such areas as anger management and parenting.

Our therapists are schooled in most widely-used therapeutic approaches, including Cognitive-Behavioral, Solution-Focused and Brief Models, Structural/Strategic Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Humanistic/Experiential Therapy, Systems Theory, and Play Therapy. However, our therapists do not subscribe to one particular theory, believing that a different framework is needed to work with each client. In practice, we customize our theoretical approaches and interventions according to our clients' goals and expectations. We strive to accommodate each client's individual concerns and preferences.

We encourage potential clients to take charge of their mental health and ask questions if they have concerns, doubts, fears, or other uncertainties about what they can expect from therapy and our agency. The decision to pursue counseling is very personal, and we strive to provide a unique environment dedicated to your individual needs and wellness. We are confident that your experience at Insight Counseling will be welcoming and rewarding.

Please contact one of our therapists for more information about our fees, group therapy and class schedules, or any other specific questions you may have.

Thank you for your interest in our agency!


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